What Is Disaster Recovery? 

Disaster recovery for businesses refers to the plans and procedures that will allow a business to keep functioning after a disaster event. For IT, this is all about keeping critical data protected and recoverable in the event of loss or corruption. Disasters that can put your data in danger aren’t just limited to major catastrophic events like earthquakes or fires – they can also be accidentally deleted files or systems infected by a virus. 

Whether big or small, IT disasters are something every business needs to be protected against at all times. So what can you do to keep your data safe from disaster?


What is Disaster Recovery Planning?

In order for your business to be fully protected against disaster, you need to have a disaster recovery plan. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan might include non-IT aspects of disaster recovery such as facility and personnel contingencies.

For IT components of a disaster recovery plan, you need to first define your organization’s recovery goals. Determining your Recovery Time Objective (how long you can afford to be without your data) and Recovery Point Objective (how much data you can afford to lose) are at the foundation of any reliable IT disaster recovery plan.

To ensure your data is out of harm’s way if your facility is damaged, you should send backups offsite through the cloud or on physical media, like tape.  Finally, testing your disaster recovery plan regularly ensures that it will really work when that disaster strikes, whether major or minor.

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