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Rock-solid Recovery for Legal Firms

With Zetta, law firms get highly reliable, highly secure disaster recovery solutions that ensure your critical data is safe from disaster – and that your practice is safe from expensive IT downtime.

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Recovery That Keeps Your Cases Moving Forward

Without access to your data, your employees can’t work – and if they can’t work, they can’t bill hours.

  • In case of an IT outage, Zetta’s business continuity solution allows you to spin up your servers in the Zetta cloud and continue working normally until the problem is resolved
  • If you lose crucial data, you can recover it fast from the Zetta service whenever you need it, from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • That means less time waiting to regain access to critical files, and more time working for your clients

Security You Can Trust

Your clients trust you with confidential information and communications; it’s vital that your data protection doesn’t compromise privacy. Zetta’s service is built with your data’s security and confidentiality in mind.

Externally-audited Service

Our service undergoes a yearly SOC-1 Type II audit to ensure procedures are followed correctly.

Encryption at Every Stage

Your data is encrypted both in transit and while stored in the datacenter.

Multi-level Access Control

Access to your data is secured by Zetta’s internal security team as well as by the data center hosting company.

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Service You Don’t Need a Specialist to Use

With Zetta, you can easily protect and recover your data even if your firm doesn’t have a technical expert on staff.

  • The Zetta service can be set up and running within 15 minutes
  • You can choose data to back up or recover in just a few clicks
  • An elegant, simple-to-use interface makes it easy for even non-tech specialists to retrieve the files they need
Aero Law Case Study - Legal Services

How a Law Firm’s Recovery Time Went from Hours to Minutes
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Specialized Protection for Exchange

Communication with your clients is vital to your practice. Zetta helps ensure you never lose a crucial email.

  • Protect your client communications with Zetta’s application-aware backup for Microsoft Exchange
  • Zetta’s database backups automate maintenance tasks like log truncation that can cause problems for database backups if left unchecked
  • Databases like your mail server can also be assigned to a specific retention schedule independent from the rest of your backups

Key Features of Zetta for Legal Firms

  • SSL encryption in flight, AES encryption at rest
  • 2-Factor authentication for added account security
  • Web-based management and recovery
  • File, database or server image backups
  • Support for VMware, Hyper-V and physical servers
  • 24x7x365 US-based engineer-level support
  • License for unlimited number of servers and endpoints
  • 100% cloud-based, no additional hardware required

What Our Customers Say

Jason Webb - Legal Services

“I got a phone call requesting a file restore. I logged into Zetta, and got it back in one minute –it was seamless and nobody noticed a delay."  

Jason Webb, IT Manager, Aero Law Group. Zetta Legal Services Customer since 2012
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