Defeat IT Downtime.

Zetta’s cloud-first solutions are specifically engineered to meet enterprise requirements for business continuity, getting you back in business faster.

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Zetta Business Continuity Suite

Data and applications are the lifeblood of today’s modern enterprise. The Zetta Business Continuity Suite is a comprehensive, end-to-end cloud service, which protects these business-critical data and systems at all times to ensure that enterprises experience minimal downtime and no data loss. 

The Zetta Business Continuity Suite includes two products - Zetta Data Protection and Zetta Disaster Recovery.

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Zetta Data Protection

Zetta’s award-winning backup and restore solution offers reliable, high-performance protection for all your data, no matter where it lives. Save time, stress and money with a beautifully simple, 100% cloud backup system, and get peace of mind knowing that you can restore your data anywhere and anytime, quickly and without errors.

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Zetta Disaster Recovery

Zetta Disaster Recovery gives enterprises always-on coverage in the face of IT outages, cyber attacks, human error and negligence, and natural disasters. Zetta Disaster Recovery keeps businesses running with minimal interruption across a range of disaster classes and varying severity levels. The high performance, scalable solution is simple to use and allows you to failover your systems in the cloud and failback in minutes. Zetta Disaster Recovery gives you the confidence that if your business is faced with disaster, your organization will experience limited downtime.

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All Your Business Data Protected and Recoverable, Wherever It Lives  

The Zetta Business Continuity Suite protects all your business-critical data and applications, regardless of data size or complexity. Physical or virtual, PDF or server image, you can back it up in, restore and recover it from the Zetta Cloud with the full guarantee that you are protected against data loss and insured for downtime with minimal disruption.

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Server Images

A server image captures all data on the server, from the operating system to the temp folder. Image backups ensure nothing is accidentally overlooked in a server backup; if it’s on the server, it will be on the server image.

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Individual Files and Directories

Sometimes, only certain data on a server is valuable. Save valuable space in your cloud backup storage by configuring the Zetta solution to back up only what you actually need to recover – for example, a user share server’s files, but not its copy of Windows.

Your directory structure is replicated in Zetta’s web-based recovery portal, so you can easily browse to and locate the files you need to recover.

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Zetta offers application-aware Exchange backup and SQL server backup to protect your databases with specific consideration for their unique requirements.

Database server backups can be set to a separate retention schedule from the rest of your dataset, and maintenance tasks like log truncation are automated to further streamline your workflows.