Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Recovery, Simplified

Traditional bare metal recovery (BMR) is a complex process, often prone to errors or restore failures. Zetta offers a smoother, simpler alternative to bare metal recovery, using standard Windows technology.

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An Alternative to Bare Metal Recovery

“Bare metal recovery” refers to the process used to restore a failed physical server to a new physical server that has no operating system or software installed. Zetta’s bare metal recovery alternative avoids the pitfalls of traditional BMR by using standard technology to accomplish the same goal.

Zetta Data Protection saves server image backups in the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format, which is native to Windows and Hyper-V. Instead of trying to restore backups to a new server with no OS, Zetta restores a VHD server image to a new server that already has Windows installed.

Since the VHD format is standard to the Windows environment, the restore process is greatly simplified and avoids possible issues with different Windows OS versions or incompatibilities. The server image can be restored using Windows’ own built-in recovery tools.

Server images are all saved in the VHD format, so any server image backed up with Zetta is recovery-ready for a bare metal restore scenario.

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The Problem with Traditional Bare Metal Recovery

The traditional BMR process is complex, and a lot can go wrong – especially if the new hardware isn’t identical to the hardware it’s replacing.

Bare Metal Recovery Survey Results

It’s not uncommon for IT professionals to encounter problems when attempting BMR. In fact, in a recent Zetta survey, nearly one in two IT professionals who had attempted a bare metal restore had run into problems. Common problems reported included driver failure, corrupted backups and dissimilar hardware issues.

Recognizing these challenges, at Zetta we offer our users an alternative to traditional bare metal recovery that allows them to replace physical systems smoothly and reliably.

What Our Customers Say

"I literally used to have nightmares about backup, but I don't any more because I'm not worried about it.”

Tom Philips, IT Director, KE Andrews, Customer Since 2014

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