Disaster Recovery

The High Cost of IT Downtime

Be Ready for Anything with Disaster Recovery

For today’s data-driven business, IT downtime or lost data can quickly add up to a costly mountain of lost productivity, lost business and lost reputation.

That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to have a disaster recovery plan in place, supported by an effective DR solution. Zetta gives you the reliable, agile disaster recovery solution you need to minimize your risk and get back in business faster.

Zetta helps you meet the three major requirements of disaster recovery to avoid damages from downtime or lost data:

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The maximum data loss your business is willing or able to absorb.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

The maximum downtime your business is willing or able to handle.

Offsite Backup

Copies of your backups stored far enough away from your primary facility to be unaffected by a regional disaster.

How Much Data Can You Afford to Lose?

If you’re like many businesses, losing more than a day’s worth of data would cause serious damage. This means backing up critical data at least once a day – which can be a challenge for companies with large datasets. If you have a lot of data, the amount of data your backup system can handle within a specified window can be a limiting factor in your RPO.

Engineered to quickly move large amounts of data over the Internet and designed for enterprise data types, Zetta Backup and Recovery helps you meet your RPO requirement even with a significant dataset size. Zetta’s rapid backup speeds – able to move a terabyte to the cloud within hours – allows businesses with multiple terabytes of data to reliably complete backups on time and stay ahead of their RPO.

Westinghouse Case Study

How Zetta Helped Fend Off Hurricane Sandy Data Loss

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How Soon Can You Be Back in Business?

It’s crucial for your RTO that your disaster recovery solution be able to get you up and running again as quickly as possible. A fast restore speed alone isn’t enough – if your recovery is tied to a specific time, device or place, you can run into significant delays before it even starts.

In addition to rapid data transfer speed, Zetta Backup and Recovery gets you back in business faster with anywhere, anytime recovery. Immediately after a disaster or data loss event, you can begin recovering your data directly from the cloud to/from anywhere with an Internet connection. There’s no need to delay until you can access or replace an appliance.

Save additional recovery time with Zetta’s elegant management console, which makes it easy to browse for and locate your data in the cloud. Select anything from a single file to an entire server image, and recover only what you actually need to get up and running.

Offsite Backups: Essential for True Disaster Recovery

While locally-stored backups are convenient for accidental deletions and other everyday data loss incidents, they’re vulnerable to being lost in a larger site disaster like fire or flood. The only data you can count on recovering after a disaster is data stored offsite.

Zetta’s 100% cloud service solves the problem of needing to ensure backup copies are transported and stored offsite. All backups are transferred directly to the cloud, with the option to also make a local copy to any of your existing on-premise storage.

You get peace of mind that your data is safe in the cloud after each backup, with the convenience of automated local backup copies. As an added benefit, your offsite and local backup copies are always in sync, avoiding any potential version control issues.

Three Ways to Restore with Zetta

Through the Web

Log into the System Management Portal from anywhere with an Internet connection, and choose any or all files to restore.

From a Mounted Drive

Data backed up to Zetta can be mounted as a drive letter, enabling full file system recoveries as easily as accessing a network share.

Within the Zetta Software

Recoveries can be initiated from within the software client. This option is most common for Exchange and SQL database recoveries.

What Our Customers Say

Jesse Reyna

"We now know, rather than hope, that we can do data recovery when we need to."

Jesse Reyna, IT Supervisor, Westinghouse Lighting, Customer since 2012
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