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Physical and Virtual Server Protection - We’ve Got You Covered

The Zetta Business Continuity Suite provides comprehensive data protection and recovery for physical and virtual servers running Linux or Windows operating systems. For virtualized IT environments, Zetta offers agentless backup and recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. 

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Quick, Agentless Backup for Hyper-V Virtual Machines

The Zetta Plugin for Microsoft Hyper-V lets you create a task to back up server images of Hyper-V virtual machines. The plugin eliminates the need to run the Zetta Agent on each Hyper-V virtual machine, making the backup process quick and efficient.

The server image backups are stored in the Zetta Cloud in a vendor neutral format, giving you the flexibility to restore the virtual machines to the virtualization platform of your  choice. For example, you can restore the backup image of a virtual machine to its original Hyper-V virtual environment or restore it to a VMware virtual environment.

Complete Coverage for Windows and Hyper-V Environments

Zetta gives you complete backup and recovery coverage for your Microsoft environments. You can be assured that backups will be fast, your data will be protected in a secure, offsite location and that you will have the flexibility to restore to the platform of your choice.

Key highlights include:

The Zetta Plugin for Hyper-V supports agentless backup and is included at no additional charge. 

A single backup configuration protects multiple virtual machines for quick and easy image creation and protection.

The plugin is particularly helpful for large deployments.

Zetta also offers the Zetta Agent which allows you to protect & recover physical servers and Hyper-V virtual machines running Windows.