Offsite Backup

Reliable Offsite Backup for Your Business-Critical Data

Offsite backup is a must-have for any solid disaster recovery plan. Simply having local backups will not be enough to keep your business critical data safe in a real disaster scenario. 

Zetta’s direct-to-cloud solutions require no hardware to purchase or upgrade. Zetta’s solutions are architected with cloud technology in mind from the ground up, so your backups are sent offsite quickly and efficiently through various patented WAN optimization technologies. This ensures that in the event of a disaster, you can recover from anywhere with an Internet connection quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your most critical data and systems are protected and recoverable at any time.

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Simplified and Automated Offsite Backups

Traditional offsite backup which involves tape and other hardware can be difficult and time consuming to manage. With Zetta Data Protection, your daily backups are scheduled and sent offsite to the Zetta Cloud automatically. Daily backup reports alert you of any potential issues, and there is no hardware to maintain or upgrade. The backup process is simplified and virtually hands-free, allowing you to focus your valuable time on other IT initiatives.  

Zetta DP - Fast Backup

95.5% of Zetta's direct-to-cloud backups complete in less than 8 hours. 

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Secure Offsite Backup to the Zetta Cloud

Zetta backs up your data, servers and systems to the Zetta Cloud, a private & secure cloud environment that Zetta’s highly experienced operations team manages 24/7/365, which is housed in bi-coastal data centers in the U.S.  

Zetta takes special security measures to ensure that your company data is safe in the Zetta Cloud.

  • Data is encrypted in flight and at rest and is sent to SSAE-16 Type II/SOC 1 audited data centers within the United States.
  • Multiple validation checks also ensure high data integrity to the Zetta Cloud.

Because Zetta’s solution is cloud-based, there’s no need to upgrade any hardware since the solution scales along with your data growth. You have the ability to both back up and recover your data from the Zetta Cloud from anywhere and at any time through the centralized web-based management portal.

Worry Free Backup

Worry-free offsite backup for your business-critical servers. 

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Offsite Backup That Finishes On Time, Every Time 

Offsite backups that are unreliable and unrecoverable are useless when you need to recover your environment following a disaster. Zetta gives you offsite backup you can count on, and guarantees that your daily backups will finish on time in 8 hours or less. With Zetta your data is always ready, intact and 100% recoverable from the Zetta Cloud.

Specifically architected as a cloud-first solution, Zetta Data Protection is designed to back up critical data offsite quickly enough to meet your backup windows. The Zetta service uses patented technology and a range of WAN optimization techniques to rapidly transfer large datasets over the Internet and offsite to the cloud, allowing you to back up efficiently without slowing your systems down.  

Offsite Backup Features at a Glance 

  • Direct-to-cloud backups and recoveries
  • Recovery from Cloud via web, software client, or mounted drive
  • Web-based centralized management via the Zetta Portal
  • License for unlimited number of servers and endpoints
  • File, database, or server image backups in the cloud
  • Protection for VMware, Hyper-V, and physical servers
  • Compliant with HIPAA/ITAR/SOX requirements
  • Date housed in SSAE-16 Type II/SOC 1 audited datacenters in U.S.
  • SSL encryption in flight, AES encryption at rest

What Our Customers Say

Michael Goodwin

“Zetta's solution just works in the background without disturbing work flow, making it the perfect cloud backup & DR package”

Michael Goodwin, Technology Director, Server@Work. Customer since 2012