Tape Backup Alternative

Lower Costs by Switching from Tape Backup to Cloud

If you’re one of the many companies that still rely on tape systems for backup, you’ve probably run into problems. Tape backups are slow and error-prone, incur additional costs for storage, and require time-consuming manual oversight, making them particularly vulnerable to human error.

With Zetta, you can get backup and restore that’s fast, reliable, automated and easy to use. There’s never been a better time to switch to our alternative to tape backup.

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Backups That Won’t Let You Down

Making backups with tape is far from a sure thing. You run the risks of corrupt or incomplete backups, mechanical problems with mounting and removing tapes, and the ever-present chance that someone could forget to change a tape and lose an entire day’s worth of backup data. Given the high cost of data loss and IT downtime , the drawbacks of tape can be a serious liability to your business.

With Zetta Data Protection, you get peace of mind knowing that your backups are completing on time and without errors, directly to the cloud. The Zetta solution performs multiple validation checks on your data during backups, ensuring it will be fully recoverable and contributing to Zetta’s very high backup reliability and recoverability rates.

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Data Protection You Don’t Need to Babysit

Tapes aren’t just unreliable – they’re a drain on your time and resources. You need someone available to manually change, organize, store and transport your backup tapes to and from your offsite storage. Tapes also wear out and need to be replaced, requiring yet more manual intervention.

Zetta solves this problem with a 100% cloud service as a tape backup alternative, virtually eliminating manual backup activities. The solution installs directly on your servers, and can be set up and running within minutes. After that, backups are fully automated, and you’ll get a daily status report in your email confirming the backups took place as expected.

If you need to make changes, you can manage all your backup deployments from anywhere through a central portal. Simply log in through the web from anywhere with an Internet connection, and all of your backups are right there.

Beyond Backup: How Cloud Helps You Get Back Up-and-Running 

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On-Time and Smoother Backups

Tape backups are notoriously slow. If your dataset size is increasing, you may find yourself unable to make your backup window – and, thus, at risk of serious data loss.

Zetta’s solution is engineered to rapidly move large amounts of data, directly over the Internet. With the ability to transfer a terabyte of data within hours, you can seamlessly scale your datasets without compromising your ability to finish backups on time.

When you need to recover, Zetta makes it nearly effortless. Simply browse your backups in the cloud and select any or all data to restore, from any location with an Internet connection. No specialized equipment, no waiting to retrieve physical media, no running through the entire dataset to recover a single file.

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