No-Hardware Data Protection for Distributed Businesses.

Zetta gives you peace of mind that your data is protected, whether the server is across the country or across the hall.

A Distributed Backup System as Nimble as You Are

If your company is distributed across multiple sites, a backup and recovery solution based on physical appliances can quickly become expensive and impractical.

With Zetta’s 100% cloud data protection service, you can easily keep your data safe from disaster, and recover it wherever it’s needed.

Beyond Backup: How Cloud Helps You Get Back Up-and-Running 

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Cost-Effectively Protect Multiple Locations

If your company works in several or frequently changing locations, the inherent flexibility of the cloud is ideal for protecting your data. Zetta provides you with high-performance distributed data backup and recovery without the cost and administrative complexity of managing dedicated backup hardware across multiple sites.

With no appliance to install, manage or maintain, Zetta’s solution can be up and running in minutes via a software client installed directly on your server. Backups are made directly to the cloud with no intermediary drives required, so your data will be accessible from anywhere as soon as it’s backed up.

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Simple Recovery and Management – From Anywhere

With a geographically diverse business, IT staff might be in an entirely different state from a site that needs data restored. Zetta’s web-based recovery console allows you to restore your data to or from anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time. You can remotely recover your affected sites’ data, or recover data from an old site to a new one, with just a few clicks.

Backup deployments can also be managed remotely through the web, and the backups themselves are fully automated. You’ll get an email report each day that your backups were completed successfully, so you know that your remote sites’ data is being protected without having to visit in person.

Manage All Systems Remotely

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Data Protection Your Business Can Have Confidence In

Zetta is built specifically to handle the backup needs of business, including dataset size and reliability concerns. The service uses several patented technologies designed to rapidly transfer large amounts of data over the Internet. Even if you have a significant amount of data to protect, you can trust Zetta to finish your backups on time, complete and without errors.

The service also performs multiple validation checks on your data during the backup process, ensuring that the data backed up to the cloud is fully recoverable and free of errors or corruption. With Zetta, you can be confident that you’ll be able to meet your RPO and RTO in a disaster.

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