Get Enterprise-Grade Data Protection, Without the Stress.

Zetta ensures your data is protected against disaster and easily recoverable, when and where you need it.

Data is Vital to Your Operations

Without your data, your employees can’t do their jobs – or take care of your customers.

Zetta gives you comprehensive, high-performance, simple-to-manage data protection specifically designed for the needs of enterprise businesses like yours. You can relax knowing your company is protected against data loss and IT downtime.

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Rapid Enterprise Backup and Recovery Designed for Business Data

If you’re like many enterprises, the increased importance of data to your business operations also means increased data, period. It’s vital that your backup and recovery solution be able to perform at a level that protects your critical data without compromise.

With Zetta, you get a cloud-first solution specifically designed for enterprise. Built for rapid transfer of large datasets over the Internet, the Zetta service reliably finishes your backups on time, ensuring your critical data is backed up safely to the cloud.

The Zetta service also performs multiple validations on your data during the transfer, so you can be confident that whatever you’ve backed up, you’ll be able to recover - fast.

Built for Enterprise-Level Data Transfer

Proprietary multi-level change detection on local machine.

Byte-level write change detection in the cloud.

Parallel block-level data transfers through an updated implementation of WebDAV protocol.

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Protect All Your Critical Data in a Few Clicks

Your crucial data may be stored across a variety of operating systems and server types, and juggling multiple backup systems to ensure all your data is protected adds cost, complexity and potential failure points.

With broad platform and data type support, Zetta enables you to protect all your critical data no matter where it lives, from a single product. This gives you a more streamlined, cost-effective backup workflow.

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Spend Less Time on Backup (and More on IT)

While the initial capital investment in a hardware-based backup solution can be significant for an enterprise business, the real costs add up over the long term. Maintaining and managing backups takes up valuable IT resources that could be directed elsewhere.

Not only can the Zetta service be set up and running within minutes, saving time and money on installation, but once configured it can be managed from anywhere through the web. All your backup deployments are visible and configurable through a unified single admin console, allowing you to quickly and easily manage your backups.

Manage All Backups From a Single Interface

The server backups themselves are fully automated and transfer directly to the cloud, removing any intermediary steps that might require admin attention. You can then recover your data from the same management console, to or from anywhere with an Internet connection.

It all adds up to powerful enterprise data protection you can trust to get the job done, without needing to expend IT resources watching over it.

What Our Customers Say

“Zetta helped us configure backups …so they are local, optimizing for less latency. And when I call tech support, they get back to me the same day, and they understand our business”

Kevin Davis, Network Engineer, Vizant. Customer since 2013

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