No-Compromise Backup and Recovery for Small and Medium Businesses.

Zetta gives you enterprise-grade data protection you don’t need an entire IT department to manage.

Data Protection is as Vital for SMBs as for Large Enterprises

However, often-limited IT resources can make effective backup and recovery a challenge. Zetta helps SMBs protect their valuable data with server backup and recovery that’s easy to set up and easy to manage, even for non-experts.

Data Protection That’s SMB-Budget Friendly

No hardware to buy, install, maintain and upgrade.

Fully automated backups, no human intervention required.

Always-on expert support at no additional cost.

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Get Up and Running in Minutes

Getting started with a new small business server backup solution can be painful, especially hardware solutions that need to be physically installed and integrated by an expert. Zetta Backup and Recovery installs directly on your servers, and can be set up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

If you do run into a problem, answers are phone call away. Zetta’s service includes 24x7 engineer-level support for all customers, so you can always immediately connect to someone who can help, at no additional cost. You can get your data protection set up and working in no time, and get back to focusing on your business.

Beyond Backup: How Cloud Helps You Get Back Up-and-Running 

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Daily Backups That Just Work

Daily backup maintenance can be a full-time job, and a severe strain on a small IT budget. Once it’s set up, Zetta Backup and Recovery runs scheduled, automated backups, with very little need for human intervention or oversight. You’ll get a daily email report to let you know your backups happened successfully, and to let you know if there were any issues that need your attention.

When you do check in on your backups, Zetta makes it easy to take care of what you need to do. All your backup deployments can be managed from the same web-accessible console from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Your limited IT budget and admin resources can focus on growing your business, rather than preventing data loss.

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Disaster Protection with the Elegance of Cloud

As a 100% cloud solution, Zetta eliminates some of the pain points that SMBs run into with offsite data protection. Automated backups are transferred directly to the cloud, ensuring that offsite backup is taken care of without the administrative headache of managing physical media or maintaining an appliance.

Cloud-based offsite backups aren’t just easier to manage for small businesses. They’re more reliable and secure than tape, which can wear out or be stolen, and more flexible to recover than appliance, which depends on a single, specific piece of hardware for recovery.

You can rest easy knowing your data is protected from a serious disaster, every day.

What Our Customers Say

“Zetta makes my life easier and has freed me up to spend more time on other things like replacing our homegrown system and exploring the development of an application server”

Tracy Gordon, IT Director, GET Marketing, Customer since 2014

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