SOX Compliant Backup

How Zetta Helps You Stay SOX Compliant

Zetta Data Protection allows publicly-traded companies to meet the rules and regulations set forth by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for data retention through a number of strict security standards and measures.

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SOX Data Retention Requirements

One of the SOX backup requirements is to keep point-in-time snapshots of technical and financial systems for external auditors. These snapshots must show the status of the financial system of every quarter for a fiscal year, which equates to four full system backups per year. Those backups must then be stored offsite for up to seven years.

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How Zetta Fits into Your SOX Compliant Backup Process

Zetta provides 100% cloud-based data protection to businesses, including daily backups and long-term data archiving. Since the Zetta service transfers your data directly to the cloud, all backups made with Zetta fulfill the SOX requirement for offsite backups.

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Lower-Cost Retention for SOX Compliance

Traditionally businesses have relied on tape for long-term data archiving. Besides the inherent costs of storing physical media offsite for years, tapes are also vulnerable to corruption over time – leading to potentially serious consequences if necessary data cannot be retrieved in an audit.

Archiving with Zetta eliminates a number of the costs and risks associated with tape archiving. Because Zetta backup is an online-only solution that requires no hardware, there are no support contracts, hardware contracts or sending tapes offsite. With Zetta there are no additional costs or fees to archiving, and data can be stored for long periods of time at a significantly lower cost than tape storage.

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Reliable Recovery for Long-Term Archive Data

Zetta performs multiple validations during the backup process to ensure that data transferred to the cloud is intact and fully recoverable. Once your data is in the Zetta cloud, you can easily configure your retention for as long as necessary to meet your business and compliance requirements.

With a 100% data recovery rate, you can rest assured that your archived data will be available and usable when needed, whether in six months or six years.

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