Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) Solution

When Disaster Strikes, Don’t Miss a Beat.

With Zetta Disaster Recovery, you can be assured that your business will keep running during an outage - whether it’s a single failed server or your entire environment.

Business Stops if Your Mission-Critical Servers and Applications Are Down

Access to your files is essential - but it’s not the only thing your DRaaS solution should provide. Your employees’ workflows depend on applications, servers, networks and communication tools that might be unavailable in an outage or disaster. Without these resources, your employees can’t work - and if they can’t work, they can’t generate revenue.

With Zetta Disaster Recovery, your company can keep working with confidence when disaster strikes. Replicate the servers you need in the Zetta Cloud, activate them with the push of a button, and carry on business as usual.

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DRaaS That's Designed to Keep Enterprises Running

Zetta Disaster Recovery is a DRaaS solution specifically built around the performance and security that enterprises need to keep working normally in an outage. Designed for a comprehensive set of use cases, the solution has you covered whether you lose a single crucial server or an entire facility.

Business networks are frequently complex, and an incorrect configuration can compromise the usability of a failover solution. Zetta Disaster Recovery replicates your network in the cloud. No matter how complex your network is, our DRaaS solution can support it in the cloud - and setup remains straightforward. 

When the DR solution is activated, your critical servers are spun up in Zetta’s highly secure cloud and you will have VPN access to your recovered environment at no additional cost. Your business can keep running with access to applications like email, SQL and business software, without the risk of exposing your data to unauthorized access.

Simple, Rapid Disaster Recovery

<5 min server failover time
Push-button recovery
Secure VPN at no extra cost
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Cost-Effective Protection Against Expensive Downtime

The cost of a downtime incident can quickly spiral, especially for companies that rely on hourly billing or applications like ecommerce for revenue. At the same time, disaster recovery solutions have traditionally been too costly and complex for most businesses to consider.

Zetta Disaster Recovery provides powerful failover protection to companies that can’t afford to invest in a second site for their disaster recovery. Against the cost of a protracted outage, Zetta offers an excellent return on investment.

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Zetta Gets You Back in Business

When your environment goes down, Zetta gets it back with a few clicks. Log into Zetta’s easy-to-use DRaaS interface and spin up your servers in the Zetta Cloud with the press of a button.

Once your environment is up in the cloud, your employees can access it from anywhere via VPN. They’ll be able to run their applications normally, and continue working with minimal interruption to their daily workflow.

Even if your facility is unusable, your business can keep humming along in the background as you work on a larger disaster recovery effort. With a 100% cloud disaster recovery solution, there’s no risk of compromising your business continuity by losing access to a specific piece of hardware. We also make it easy to regularly test your service and ensure everything is working as expected. You can rest assured that Zetta Disaster Recovery will be there when, and where, you need it.

Zetta DR FAQ

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Expert Support That’s With You Every Step of the Way

Zetta’s experts assist in the initial setup and testing of your disaster recovery service to make sure there are no surprises. After that, your solution is ready to go - you can launch it with the press of a button without the need for intervention from Zetta personnel.

After the disaster has passed, we help you put everything back to normal. Our engineer-level support team works with you during failback to ensure a smooth transition back to regular operations. With Zetta’s experts at your disposal, you can have confidence that your DRaaS solution will work as expected, every time.

Key Features at a Glance


  • Cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service; no on-premise appliance required
  • Recovery for physical and virtual servers as well as Windows and virtual Linux environments
  • Intuitive and web-based management
  • Built-in WAN optimization for data replication
  • Sub-five minute failover to recovered systems and applications
  • Secure VPN connectivity to your servers in a private cloud
  • SSL encryption in flight, AES encryption at rest
  • Failback to on-premise environments from the cloud
  • 24x7x365 US-based engineering level support to assist with onboarding, failover, and failback
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