Database Recovery

Databases Power the Modern Enterprise

Databases are a central part of most organization’s IT environment, powering core operations and enabling processes and flows to run smoothly. Databases help store, organize, and manage critical data, whether the organization is a small company or a global enterprise. In the event of a disaster, having your databases up and running quickly is critical.

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Uninterrupted Access to Business-Critical Databases

Zetta Disaster Recovery is ideally suited for industries which require uninterrupted access to databases, such as Microsoft SQL, which house their critical business information, including regulatory-protected data. Zetta’s strict data access controls and security measures help organizations meet most common industry-specific compliance requirements. These companies benefit from Zetta’s push button failover in and controlled failback from the Zetta Cloud.

Here are some examples of the types of enterprises and databases that Zetta protects:

Law Firms. Databases which contain client records, case information, and all supporting documents.

Financial Services Firms. Databases housing clients’ investment and transactional records, many of which include personally identifiable information.

Construction and Engineering Services Companies. Databases which store and process inventory, project management, and detailed construction and engineering designs.

How Zetta Disaster Recovery Protects Your Databases

Zetta Disaster Recovery is a solution that protects database servers by creating a Windows image backup of the entire server which is efficiently and securely transferred to the Zetta Cloud. This gives you the ability to recover your databases quickly in the Zetta Cloud in the event that a disaster affects your organization.


Here is how Zetta Disaster Recovery works:

Takes Windows backup image of your database server and stores the image in the Zetta Cloud

Enables you to run virtual instances of the database server in the Zetta Cloud

Connects you with your database and applications via secure VPN

Enables end users to use and manage applications connected to the database in the recovered environment just as they would on-premise

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