Keep Business Running During Failback

We’ve engineered Zetta Disaster Recovery so that you experience minimal downtime, not only during failover but also during failback.

Zetta Disaster Recovery offers incremental failback, allowing you to continue to run systems in the Zetta Cloud, while managing the sequential failback in the background. As a result, the final switch over from the cloud to local operations takes place painlessly – in minutes.  

Simple and Easy to Use

You can initiate the failback process within  Zetta Disaster Recovery with a few clicks. It’s that simple.

Initiate a failback from the Zetta Portal to restore all associated disk images to your local environment.

Continue to use your failed over systems while you failback to your on-premise environment. Any data changes that occur in the Zetta Cloud will be transferred.

Your incremental changes will be transferred to your on-premise environment over two rounds.

The final round of changes will occur after you've powered down the system in our cloud. Now all your systems are running on-premise.

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Professional Failback Assistance at No Additional Cost

When you deploy Zetta, our specialists are always by your side to help you with your end-to-end disaster recovery needs, from initial planning to failover and failback.  While you can easily initiate and monitor failback from the Zetta Portal, our Support Engineering experts are available to help as needed. They can assist you with the failback process at every stage - planning, implementation, and ongoing testing - and are available 24x7x365, at no additional cost.