Minimize Downtime with In-the-Cloud Failover

Zetta Disaster Recovery is a solution that allows you to  failover your IT environment to the cloud and continue to  access  your business-critical applications with minimal disruption during a downtime event. The cloud-first service offers high availability and reliability for even the most demanding recovery time objectives (RTOs).

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Failover in Less Than Five Minutes

Zetta understands the needs of organizations who require always-on access to their systems. We engineered our failover service so that you can be fully operational in the Zetta Cloud in less than five minutes. You are guaranteed that individual systems or entire environments will be up and running quickly, your users will experience minimal downtime, and that business operations will be barely impacted.

Pushbutton failover process includes:

  • Powering on virtual instances of protected systems in the cloud
  • Securely connecting to the recovered environment in the cloud
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Easy to Activate via Single Pane of Glass

One of Zetta’s guiding principles is that disaster recovery should be easy to plan, execute and manage regardless of the disaster class or severity. Zetta Disaster Recovery provides simple, self-service failover capabilities that allow you to activate and connect to systems in the cloud via a single pane of glass. This allows you to be in control while receiving assistance from Zetta Support, if needed.

Zetta DR FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about Zetta Disaster Recovery

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Securely Connect to the Zetta Cloud From Anywhere, Affordably

Another important aspect of the failover process is being able to actually connect to and access your virtual instances of the recovered servers running in the cloud. Unlike other companies that charge hefty professional service fees or leave the task to IT departments to solve, Zetta Disaster Recovery offers options for network connectivity to the Zetta Cloud at no additional cost to you. Zetta also provides support to ensure that your connectivity can be established before and during a disaster scenario.

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Point to Site VPN

A Point to Site VPN connection is a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection between a single client machine to the recovered environment running in the Zetta Cloud. This type of a connection enables you to establish a private connection to the Zetta Cloud from any location - even a coffee shop. You will need a separate VPN connection to access any other systems that may still be available in the on-premise environment. With this connection, your on-premise systems would not be able to communicate with the recovered systems in the Zetta Cloud.

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Site to Site VPN

A Site to Site connection is a secure VPN connection between your on-premise environment and your recovery environment running in the Zetta Cloud. This type of connection eliminates the need for each end-user to establish their own Point to Site connection. It also provides a way to synchronize an Active Directory server on-premise with an Active Directory server running in the cloud. With this connection, systems in your on-premise environment are able to communicate with recovered systems in the Zetta Cloud.

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Site to Site VPN with IP takeover

Site to Site VPN also enables IP Takeover capability. IP Takeover makes it possible for a virtual instance of a protected server running in the Zetta Cloud to assume the IP address, and hence the identity, of a server that has failed in your on-premise environment. Other servers in your on-premise environment that need to communicate with the failed server would actually communicate with the virtual instance of the server in the Zetta Cloud.  

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